Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The Streak

It was the toughest phone call I had to make in quite a while.

I called in sick Sunday night.

"The Streak" was over.  I hadn't used a sick day since December of 2016.  The worst illness in all those months was a cold, and I powered through those.  When you work my shift, and you call in sick, someone else is going to pay the price by working a shift they rarely encounter.  If one of the "day" people calls in sick, others can easily pick up the slack.

I'll spare you the gory details, but there is a stomach ailment sweeping the office, and I guess it was my turn.  I took every precaution-- wiping down keyboards, mice, and telephones, the occasional squirt of Lysol, frequent use of hand sanitizer, frequent hand washing, taking vitamins...  It didn't work this time.  Plus, there is no guarantee the office was the source of my illness.

As much as I hated to take a sick day, I tried to console myself with thoughts of keeping my illness to myself, and not spreading it to my coworkers.

A new streak begins.