Thursday, June 20, 2019

One Job

Retailers like Walmart and Target have one job:  make customers happy.

Both occasionally fall short of the mark.  Way short.

It's long been established here that I work all night and sleep all day.  There aren't many options for shopping on my schedule.  I've found it's easier on my body if I keep the same sleep arrangement, even on my days off.

It usually happens Wednesday morning at Walmart.  The cash registers shut down at 4 AM for a weekly update.  They are off line for about 15 minutes.  Granted, there aren't many people in the store at the time-- fellow night owls and insomniacs, and plenty of workers in the national gas industry, on their way to work.  We're all just standing around, staring at our phones and NOT spending money.

Saturday afternoon, the computer that controls the cash registers at Target shut down for two hours and the chain lost millions of dollars.

Walmart is the nation's largest retailer.  Target has nearly 2,000 stores.  You mean to tell me those two behemoths don't have back up systems?  It's 2019!

Keeping customers happy and spending is your job.  Get to work!