Wednesday, June 5, 2019

What Were They Thinking?

I work at a television station.  TV's are everywhere.  They are unavoidable.  Several are tuned to Antenna TV, carried on WNEP2.

Sunday morning at 12:30, it's the "Paul Lynde Show" followed by "Lotsa Luck."

Someone thought it was a good idea to cast Lynde as a lawyer, with a family that includes his live-in son in law.

Dom DeLuise is in "Lotsa Luck.  He runs a public bus company lost and found department.  His live in family includes a dead beat brother in law.

Both series starred two of the most outrageously funny men to ever walk the planet, and both series were dreadful.  Lynde lasted for 26 episodes in 1972 and 73.  DeLuise managed to get 22 episodes out of "Lotsa Luck" the following season.

You just wonder about the thought process that produced those two series.  I'm sure they seemed like good ideas at the time, with two established stars.

Even though they were bombs, it is fun to look back.  Each series had their moments.

Like just about everything in life, sometimes, it just doesn't work out.