Friday, February 14, 2020

Friday Scrapple

It was record low ratings for Sunday night's Academy Awards telecast.  It's not hard to see why.  Once again, there was no host.  The broadcast needs a compelling and interesting host to draw eyeballs to the screen.  On top of that, there were really no big blockbuster films that captured interest.  It was a bunch product from streaming services that no one ever heard of.  And the icing on the cake, you knew many of the acceptance speeches would be filled with partisan political material.  You are automatically turning off half of the country.

The Major League Baseball commissioner has to be out of his mind.  His playoff expansion plan will make the game a joke-- like the NHL and NBA, where everyone gets in to the playoffs and the regular season means nothing.

Weekend number 2 of the XFL is coming up.  The league has its roots in wrestling, and I'm not a fan of that.  I didn't watch any of the opening weekend games.  Still, I hope the league succeeds.  There is room for spring time football.

Jim Carrey is in trouble for crude remarks to a reporter.  It seems like Carrey was just trying to get noticed, which hasn't happened much lately.

The Scranton School District lead and asbestos contamination issue is headed for federal court.  A lawsuit was filed this week.  A lot of people need to answer the question "What did you know, and when did you know it?" Several people, including some big names, dropped off the radar screen this week.  They will have to emerge sooner or later.

I know they are relatively minor events, but the words "winter weather advisory" make me cringe.

Presidents Day weekend is here-- the last three day weekend of winter..  It's been a mild winter but it still feels like the longest of the four seasons.

Tourist trains have returned to Jim Thorpe.  I'm glad the amusement tax issue was worked out.  Jim Thorpe is nice-- and even better with trains.

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope it's a good one.