Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Philadelphia Freedom

The Plains Township casino is tweaking its food court.  One of the new main attractions is a cheese steak restaurant with its roots in Philadelphia.  Part of the tweak involves the installation of murals of Philadelphia landmarks and famous figures.

That's all well and good.  From the pictures I saw in the newspaper, the murals seem well done and perfectly fine.  The artist is very talented.

My issue is...  the casino is in Luzerne County.  Don't we have anything around here that's mural-worthy?  The Susquehanna River, Public Square, Luzerne County Courthouse, the mountains, the colleges, one of the last remaining KMarts, the airport roundabouts...

It's often said people around here have a poor self image.  Celebrating the good things in our area, in mural form, would be a nice start toward fixing that.  Let's stop living in the shadows of the big cities.