Monday, March 2, 2020

Another Nail

Let's talk about the Oakland Athletics.  I'm a fan because I first got interested in baseball in the early 70's, when the A's were doing quite well.

Oakland wins in spite of cheap ownership, lukewarm fan support, and a simply awful stadium.  The team should have been moved to another city long ago.

Here is the latest development in the deterioration of a once proud franchise.

A's games will not be heard on radio in the Oakland area.  Yes, the team couldn't find a radio partner for the upcoming season.  The games will be streamed on the internet.  If you live in the Oakland area, you get them for free.  If you don't, it will cost you.

A handful of radio stations, outside the Oakland area, but still in northern California, will broadcast the internet feed.

Baseball on the radio is one of the joys of life, except if you have to endure John Sterling of the Yankees.

The A's disappearing from free radio is another nail in the coffin of a once decent franchise and another nail in the coffin of radio in general.  If other teams smell that they can make money off the internet rather than radio, the dominoes will start to tumble.