Friday, March 13, 2020

Friday Scrapple

I saw a PennDOT crew sweeping Interstate 81 the other way.  It usually means a snow storm is on the way, to deposit more dirt on to the highway.

Why can't they make shopping cart wheels more durable?

Nothing makes you appreciate sunshine more than a dreary, grey winter.

Tornadoes have always frightened me and always will.

Rams fans are going angrily insane over an alleged new logo that leaked on the internet over the weekend.  I don't think it's that bad, even though it would be better suited for the Chargers.

I'm really tired of all the cheating Astros and "Where will Tom Brady go?" talk.

I'm not a fan of time changes, but I have a feeling they will always be with us.  Legislatures around the country do plenty of yammering, but not much action.

This week's fire in Dunmore that killed four is a horrible tragedy, and if half of the rumors are true, it's even more sickening.

PennDOT really needs to do something about Interstate 81.  The morning traffic near the hospital and business park in Plains Township is horrible, and the same goes for the area near the industrial park in Jenkins Township.  The highway can't support all the traffic those businesses generate.

Some sports talk radio shows pivoted in to the news mode this week, and they did an outstanding job.

Politics is a funny game.  Candidates go from the top to the bottom, and vice versa, with amazing speed.