Tuesday, May 19, 2020

A Tough Market to Crack

I read where fast food breakfast sales are down since the pandemic hit, and I get that.  No work.  No school.  No need to grab something fast on your way to your destination.  There is no destination!

I also read where Taco Bell is no longer forcing its franchise holders to offer breakfast.  I tried it.  Once.  That was enough.  Subway threw in the towel a couple of years ago.  You still might find a store open early.  It's rare.

Wendy's started offering breakfast in March, a couple of weeks before the pandemic arrived.  Great timing.  A quick review.  I tried a few things and they are outstanding, but if you want a light breakfast, this isn't the place.  The sandwiches are heavy and filling.

I navigate a commercial strip on my to work.  McDonald's on one side.  Wendy's is directly across the highway.  Cars are lined up around McDonald's.  Wendy's has little traffic.  Why?  I know McDonald's has a decades long head start and it's food is very good.  Is it the coffee?  I don't know.  I never touch the stuff.  Why haven't people discovered Wendy's?

And then, there is Burger King.  It's okay, but it just doesn't seem like a place people seek out.  It's more a stop of convenience, when the other places are too crowded, or if there is nothing else around.  I've never had a problem there, and in fact, I do like some of its food.  It just seems like the King was never able to break through.

There are other places, like Sheetz and Dunkin'.  I do pass by a Sheetz all the time and traffic seems to be way down the last two months.  Dunkin' always draws a crowd

The recent situation has really thrown a monkey wrench in to morning food competition  If you have the time, you're better off with a bowl of Cheerios.