Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Sam Lloyd

I've always believed that secondary, or even tertiary characters can make a sitcom.

Roy, Lowell, Faye and Antonio made "Wings" funny.

Oswald, Lewis, Mr. Wick and Tony the bus driver provided plenty of laughs on the "Drew Carey Show."

In most cases, I don't have to name the shows.

Dr. Sid Freeman and Colonel Flagg.

Inspector Luger.

Murray, Myrna, Vinnie and Speed.

Larry, Darryl and Darryl.

Arnold Ziffel, Eb and Mr. Haney.

Sam Drucker and Hank Kimball.

Burkhalter, Hochstetter, and Frau Linkmeyer.

Dr. Bellows.

Mother Jefferson.

Mother Carlson.

Aunt Esther.

Larry Mondelo.


"Scrubs" had several, including The Janitor and Ted Buckland, the hospital's lawyer.  Sam Lloyd played the lawyer, always sad, always having things going wrong, always outmatched.

He delivered one of the best sitcom lines ever.  Ted became severely drunk at a hospital staff outing and said the drinking made "the tears taste less bitter."

"Scrubs" fans are shedding tears.  Sam Lloyd died Friday.  Brain tumor.  He was only 56.

Ted finally found a mate and discovered happiness at the end of the "Scrubs" run.

Sam, thank you for the laughs.