Sunday, June 28, 2020

Andy's Angles: Entrance and Exit

Another from the slow shutter speed series, and a photo I took late last month.

I'm in the parking lot of one of the office buildings in Jenkins Township.  81 North is the close lane.  81 South is the far lane, and the circular pattern on the upper left comes from an entrance ramp to 81 South.

The bottom lane, obstructed by trees and weeds, is the ramp leading from Interstate 81 North to Route 315.  I always travel with a tripod and reflective vest.  I might have to throw a scythe in the car to clear my line of sight.

I used one of my prime lenses for this, one that lets in a ton of light.  Take a look at the sky.  It looks a little like dawn, even though sunrise was still hours away.