Monday, June 15, 2020

Business Monday

It is a sad component of the current situation.  Radio stations are cutting back on the number of employees.

I get it.  Advertising is down.  Things cannot continue as they are.  Expenses are still there.  The income isn't.

The timing is horrible.  There are fewer broadcasters working at a time when you need a little more information, and a friendly voice to entertain you, take your mind off the threat that's right outside the front door.

I wrote the first draft of this piece before a Philadelphia friend told me she had just lost her radio job.  It was a great fit for her and I hope she finds another, and soon.  She appears to have a good attitude.  Better days are ahead.

Everything is cyclical.  I believe things will improve, but I'm not sure all those people will get their jobs back.  Businesses will find different ways to do things.  There will be, and I hate this phrase, a new normal.