Friday, June 12, 2020

Claudell Washington

Former Oakland Athletics star Claudell Washington died this week.  He was only 65.

Washington's death started me thinking about former A's owner Charlie Finley.  Major League Baseball is a mess today.  No doubt it would be faring better if Finley was still around.  He was a visionary.

Finley signed track star Herb Washington, one of the fastest men on the planet, to be a designated runner.  Finley wanted night World Serries games.  He got those.  Finley wanted day glow orange colored baseballs.  He didn't get those.  Finley loved colorful uniforms and even more colorful players.

As I write this, the players union and the owners can't agree on a salary scale and a shortened season.

Why do I get the feeling the day is coming when I will write an "In Memoriam" for the sport?