Monday, June 22, 2020

Down Time

Regular blog readers know what the sleeping Homer picture indicates.  I'm taking a little time off from work.

This week is a bit on the unusual side.  I traditionally start and begin a vacation week on a Saturday.  This particular week has my first day off today, and returning a week from today.  Regardless, a vacation is a vacation.

It's tough to walk away from work at such an interesting time in our history, but we all need to recharge the battery once in a while.  A little time off will do me good in the long run.

No worries.

I'll still be posting here, maybe some additional photos this week.  The queue is backing up a bit.

The week off is free from firm plans-- maybe some bike rides and playing with the camera.  Of course, I'll be catching up on my rest.

The weekend morning broadcasts are in the extremely capable hands of Carmella Mataloni.

As Barry Farber used to say, I'll call you back later.