Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Election Day

Well, here comes that line again.  Today will be an election day unlike any other.  It will feature consolidated polling places, election workers under layers of personal protective equipment, and plenty of mail in ballots.

This is the primary election postponed from April 28.

Personally, I'll be sitting this one out.  As an Independent, I cannot vote in primaries, unless there is a ballot question.  Nothing this time around.

It will be lunch and a nap at the close of my shift, then up in the evening to watch my coworkers and colleagues tabulate the numbers and explain what it all means.

To be brutally honest, there are sadly few suspenseful races today.  It will be interesting to see the turnout and how long it will take to count the mail in votes.  It is highly likely there will be races still up int he air when the night is through.

I expect plenty of recount requests,  as there is a huge amount of mistrust in the mail in process.

Watch this space.  I hope, for a little analysis tomorrow.

If you can, please vote.  It's important.