Thursday, July 9, 2020

Once Upon a Time...

Skycam 16/WNEP
If you grew up in the mid valley of Lackawanna County, Specialty Records in Olyphant was the cat's pajamas.  If you got a job there right out of high school, you were set.  You made it.

Decent pay.  Decent benefits.  Stability.

The company transitioned nicely from vinyl to dvd's and cd's.

New owners, several times.  Digital media and downloads emerged.  The market for its products evaporated.  Layoffs.  Out of business.  Empty.

Hundreds, including some friends, lost their jobs.

The big plant on the hill in Olyphant is coming down.  Sad, but times change.

With any luck, a new business will be established here and we'll put people back to work.  Unfortunately, nothing will match Specialty Records in the hearts and minds of those in the mid valley.