Thursday, July 16, 2020


Today's entry might be a little too "inside baseball," but bear with me.

There is a large radio syndication company called Westwood One.  It provides tons of local programming for stations across the country.

It also provided a rather generic, but solid newscast.  It didn't have a name, and it was designed for local stations to brand as their own.  Westwood One news also provided stories affiliates could work in to their own broadcasts.  It had an agreement with CNN to incorporate its material in to the broadcasts, but you didhn't hear the CNN brand.

Last week, Westwood One announced its news service is coming to an end next month.  The parent company was already having money problems.  The current situation made it even worse.  Another source of information dries up and flies away, and it makes me sad.

We are at a time in history where we really need to be informed, and it breaks my heart when a place to turn for news goes away.