Friday, August 7, 2020

Andy's Angles: The Last of 2005

Long story short-- on the last few Fridays, I've been posting photos I took in 2005, with my first digital camera, an Olympus D-380, two megapixel.  Why now?  No great reason-- only that I just recently rediscovered the camera in a box of stuff.  It still works.

This is one of those attempts at shooting to infinity.  It's a snow covered pedestrian bridge over the Lackawanna River.  Peckville is at my back.  The Olyphant side is dead ahead.

It's far from a perfect shot, but I do like how the early morning sun shines through the railing and on to the snow.

I'm going to have to take out the Olympus one of these days and see what it can do.

Let's talk about brand loyalty.  I've had five digital cameras over the years.  The first was the Olympus.  I have a tiny Pentax that I throw in my work bag once in a while.  It's ten megapixel, which was awesome (and expensive) at the time.  I was never thrilled with the picture quality.

The other three have been Canons.  The first, I sold to Snedeker when I upgraded.  I still have the other two-- a Powershot S5IS and a Rebel T2i.  The Rebel does most of the heavy lifting these days.  By the way, Canon is now up to an T8i.  While the Bluetooth and wi fi capabilities interest me, I'm still happy with the 2.  The 6's and 7's have come way down in price.  I might grab one if I get a great deal.

The Powershot is something I keep with me if I happen to be out on a non photography expedition, and I want a camera close by, if I see something interesting.  It produces a solid product.

I was happy with the Olympus, and I don't recall what made me switch to the Canon.  I now have several Canon lenses, so I'm commited to the brand.

I think it's like the Android/iPhone thing.   You are either a Canon person or a Nikon person.

Be that as it may, that's the end of our Friday trips down Olympus memory lane.

Back to "today" tomorrow.

I've been taking a lot of photos lately, as I experiment with new lenses and skills.  I seriously have enough weekend material to last until the end of October.  I may force some of the extra to Fridays.  Who doesn't enjoy a three day weekend?