Thursday, August 6, 2020

Follow Up File: 24/7 and Insanity

Last month, I had an entry about doing the insanity of same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.  One of my favorite 24 hour mini marts cut back its hours when the pandemic hit and the county turned red.  I started driving by, at least once a week, when the county achieved green status.  Nothing.  Nothing.  More nothing.  Still closed.

Imagine my glee early Tuesday morning when I drove by, and the place was open all night!  If that wasn't enough, I saw through window that my favorite clerk was on duty.

I sped into the parking lot, masked up, grabbed my loyalty card and went inside.  The clerk and I exchanged pleasantries, catching up on the last four months.  She, the husband, and the family are all well and healthy.  That made me very happy.  It was good to see her-- and go inside the store.

The icing on the cake:  I had enough loyalty card points for a free soda.

Now, I don't feel so insane.