Monday, August 3, 2020

Media Monday

"Quick Pitch" on MLB Network has updated its graphics.  No problem.  The look is fine,  Unfoirtunately, the green and orange colors are hideous.  "Quick Pitch" remains one of the best shows on television.

By the way, the virtual fans FOX's baseball broadcasts are just plain creepy.  Stop it!  Stop it now!

The Emmy nominations are out.  Most of the shows are on streaming services.  My subscriptions:  zero, so I really don't care.  Who are these people?

It will be a long time before I get used to highlights with empty stadia.

Legendary DJ Cousin Brucie and the Sirius/XM 60's channel have gone in their seperate directions.  I don't know who is responsible, but this is not good.

July ratings show FOX News Channel had 10 of the 20 most popular programs on cable television.  Never underestimate the appeal of conservative leaning programming.

The Oakland A's have given up having an internet outlet as its flagship "radio station."  It's now found an AM station in Oakland, plus a network, to carry its games.

No matter how creative the broadcasts are, NHL and NBA games in a bubble creep me out.

Mike Francesa retired from WFAN in New York a couple of weeks ago.  I was never a regular listener, but I did enjoy his Sunday morning NFL show.  Francesa also did Sunday mornings on CBS Sports Radio when the pandemic hit, and it was a sobering dose of reality.

Howard Stern's contract is up at the end of the year.  Sirius/XM wants him to renew.  There's talk Sterm night go to a paid podcasting platform.  He's funny and entertaining, but not worth paying for, in my opinion.  He only does a few shows a month.

One of the reasons I will miss the political conventions this summer is the television networks were always trying to out-do each other in technology, and I loved to see the design of the anchor sky booths.