Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Media Wednesday

ESPN picked Steve Levy, Brian Griese and Louis Riddick for its new Monday Night Football booth.  I really haven't heard enough of these guys doing college football to render an opinion.  However, a couple of national radio talk show hosts, whose opinions I trust, gave it the green light.  I am keeping my "wait and see" attitude.  Given the current state of affairs, it could be a while before we hear them in action.

We have another Cousin Brucie update this morning.  As has been noted here before, the WABC and WNBC legend left his Shows on Sirius/XM radio.  He's moving back to WABC, a talk station, for a Saturday night dance party show.  Interesting move.  It appears the new WABC owner is trying to do something with the place, now at the bottom of the ratings heap.

I used to love watching political conventions, mainly for the way TV covered it.  Conventions, election nights and a select few other big events are the equivalent of the Super Bowl when it comes to TV news.  There was always some good leg work and investigative reporting, great competition for nuggest of information.  The night Gerald Ford almost agreed to be Ronald Reagan's vice presidential candidate was one of the greatest nights in the history of the business.  Now?  Endless commentary-- much of it mean and uninformed.  Heat, not light.

Outside of the ugly colors on nice graphics, "Quick Pitch" on MLB Newtowk remains one of the best sports shows on television.  News.  Highlights.  No nonsense.  Bravo!  We need more of that.

WGN has hired Dean Reynolds as a national political correspondent.  Reynolds has spent decades on the air with CNN, ABC and CBS.  He's always produced exceptionally solid work.

Radio networks, cable TV channels and newspapers are devoting more time and space to sports gambling.  I know it's legal in a lot of places now.  I still haven't become used to it.  As a non gambler, it's only mildly interesting-- at best.