Monday, August 10, 2020

Monday Scrapple

I enjoy the simplicity of a hard boiled egg.

Why do you find your printer cartridge exhausted as soon as you go to print something important?

I enjoy all news radio at any time of day, but I especially enjoy it during the overnight hours.

Times have changed.  I used to love to linger in the office supply big box store.  Now, I darted in, found what I needed, and darted out.

Hurricane Isaias left me relatively unscathed.  The ride home from work was a bit slower in the heavy rain.  I lost electricity for more than two hours at the height of the storm, but that was due to someone who didn't know how to operate his truck, not the weather.

I cannot figure out my recent fondness for the Rockwell font.

Shopping for bicycle and camera accessories can be addicting.

Reni Santoni died last week.  He was in a thousand things, like an Eskimo football player on TV's "The Odd Couple.," a weasely NBC executive in "The Late Shift" and a reasonable radio executive in "Private Parts."  Santoni improved everything he touched.

Speaking of "The Odd Couple," I have 200 cable channels.  Why isn't this classic airing on at least one?

How did America survive without the Sharpie?

More hot weather is in the forecast.  I'm ready for fall.