Tuesday, September 8, 2020


Sleeping Homer is here, and that means it's vacation time.

I have a lot of time to burn off before the end of the year.  I didn't take any time off during the lock down, and even a month prior to that, because we were learning a new computer system and software.  I'll be making up for it now.

You're probably tired of reading this, but I have no plans.  It's just the usual.  Sleeping, reading, riding my bike and playing with my camera.  The blog will be updated.  There might even be a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram post or two.

I've been taking time off in September since I started working full time in the early 80's.  The weather is great.  The kids are back in school (or learning from home) and nothing is crowded.  It's a wonderful vacation month, except for the occasional hurricane or tropical storm.

The September vacation is always funny for me.  There always seems to be an upcoming story I want a piece of, and I don't want to power down the computer and walk out of the office.  Let's hope for a quiet week.  We all can use a break.

The weekend morning broadcasts are in the capable hands of Elizabeth Worthington this time around.

Be safe.  I'll call you back later.