Saturday, October 24, 2020

Andy's Angles: Von Storch


I've been meaning to get here for a while, and the opportunity presented itself while I was waiting for my Texas weiner take-out order at the near by Green Ridge News in Scranton.

A new locomotive repair facility recently opened on Von Storch Street in Scranton.  A fellow blogger said it's possible to get some decent shots here, from the Marion Street side.  I took a quick drive over while my weiners were being fried, sauced, onioned and mustarded up.

It was a spur of the moment side trip.  I didn't have my good camera and lenses.  This is a camera phone shot.  If you are generally familiar with the area, the old Scranton Lace factory is roughly at my back while the Green Ridge Street overpass is behind the new building and just around the bend.

The shop looked busy, and that made me happy.  It's nice to see we still build and fix things, before the area becomes a series of kitty litter and sneaker warehouses.