Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Zoomed Out


I regretted the commitment right after I made it.  

Several weeks ago, I agreed to speak to a Misericordia University Media Literacy class.  I have no problem with helping young people, but I am not a fan of talking about myself.

Adding to the degree of difficulty, I would participate in the class via Zoom.  You would think that would be easier because I wouldn't have close contact with the students and feel their piercing eyes, but I would have preferred that.  It would be more of a discussion, more personal.

My day arrived on Tuesday of last week.  I decided to do it from WNEP rather than home, even though I was on vacation.  I've participated in Zoom meetings before, but I still wasn't confident in my tech skills.  If I ran in to a problem, there would have been plenty of people at WNEP who could help.  Another plus:  I wouldn't have to straighten up my cluttered home office area.

Long story short, the students and the instructor were great.  The 80 minutes flew by and it was a lot of fun.  There were no technical issues.  Thank you for the invitation.

Having said all that, I understand the need for distance learning, but I don't know students and educators do it.  Education is supposed to be personal, an experience.  It's really tough to do that while you're staring at a screen and looking in to a piece of glass.  It was frustrating, and I only had to do it for 80 minutes.  I can only imagine what a full day session would be like.

One can only hope and pray we're all back together soon.