Monday, November 16, 2020

16 Years!


This blog is 16 years old today.

It started in 2004 as a way to get more original material in to  It's evolved over the years.  A little opinion.  A little analysis.  A little commentary.  A little behind the scenes.  A little venting.  A little explaining.  A lot of photography, and yes, a lot of trains.

We get a solid 250 hits just about every day.  Thank you.  A friend shares these posts to her Facebook page.  Thank you.  I get some nice comments when I meet people on the street.  Thank you.

There are days when I can bang out several entries at once.  There are days when it's a struggle doing one.  Everybody needs an outlet and this is it.  The writing is rather pedestrian.  I don't see a Pulitzer in my future, but I do get my points across.  The photos aren't going to win any awards, either, and that's OK.  I learned a long time ago that the best sentence is a simple one.  No one will ever complain if you make something too easy to understand.  The photos are average, at best.  I think and I hope you get the idea of what I was trying to show when you see the shot.

Thank you for being part of the ride for the last 16 years.