Thursday, November 19, 2020



I won't say I was wrong, but I will say I have changed my way of thinking.

When the weather turned cool, a couple of coworkers and I started talking about vests.  They were fans.  I wasn't.  My reasoning-- your extremities lose heat first.  Why leave them exposed?  The other side of the argument is that vests keep your core warm.

Being a fair and open minded individual, I ordered a couple of vests from that big on-line company.  One puffy, one fleece.  Black.  Basic black.

I have to admit I like them.  They are comfortable in which to drive.  I've worn them on photography expeditions.  Great mobility.  Big pockets.   I love that.

Of course, they work when the weather is moderate, not really freaking cold.  I'll have to layer something over them when it goes well below freezing.

I will have to call my initial vest experiment a success.