Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Top Ten: First Try

"Light Trails" seemed to by my theme for the year.

In December of last year, I bought a couple of prime lenses for my camera, a 50 mm and a 24 mm pancake lens.  A 40 mm lens then followed, and that one has become my favorite.  I then spent a considerable amount of time watching YouTube videos on how to use the lenses, plus assorted other tips and tricks.

On a late January morning, around 3:30, I decided to give my newly acquired lenses and skills a try.

The flurries were flying when I was in the Viewmont Mall parking lot.  Interstate 81 runs left to right.  The North Scranton Expressway is beneath it.  Downtown Scranton is glowing at the upper left.

I used the 24 mm pancake lens.  It's a prime lens and doesn't zoom, so I have some ugly weeds and wires in the foreground.  The shutter was open for 25 seconds.  While your eye is drawn to the streaks of light, I really like how the green overhead signs pop in the darkness. 

For the first time experimenting with a new lens and a long exposure, it really wasn't all that bad.

I tried it again a few months later.  This time, it was along Route 315 in Pittston Township.  Walmart is to my right.  A truck stop if on the left.  That part of highway is constantly busy and it was the perfect location to do a little painting with light.

There will be more light trail attempts in the new year.

Tomorrow, "reflecting" on 2020.