Thursday, December 24, 2020

Top Ten: Lone Leaf


We had an unbelieveable stretch of sunny and warm weather in late October and early November.  There were a few windy and rainy days tossed in, and that was the end of fall foliage.  Apparently, this leaf didn't get the memo.

It was one leaf, on one tree, in the sunshine, at the Lackawanna River, off Laurel Street in Archbald.

So simple, and so cool at the same time.  I sent this one off to the drug store to be printed as an 8 X 10.  It's now framed on my wall.

This was a tough photo to position in the Top Ten.  A big part of me wanted to move it up higher, but there are a few other shots that I really liked.

This space will be dedicated to a Christmas note tomorrow.  The countdown resumes with some friends on Saturday.