Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Top Ten Preview


In some ways, the year has dragged.  In other ways, it's flown by.  Regardless, it's time to review my Top Ten photos of 2020.

They might not be the greatest pictures in the world, but they do mean something to me, and it's worth taking another look, perhaps reflacting a bit now that some time has passed.

Some are screen grabs from projects I was associated with.  Most, I took myself.  I did try to up my photography game this year.  Some successes.  Some failures.  Enough promise to keep trying.

There will be something new this year:  Honorable Mentions.  I shot a lot this year, and I have more than ten photos I really like.  There will be a few here for review,  They are close to, but not quite the Top Ten.

Looking back through the archives, I've been doing the Top Ten review for twelve years.  It serves two purposes.  First and foremost, it's nice to take a little look back.  Second, it fills some slow time around the holidays.

As we know all too well, news doesn't stop during the holidays.  If some thing needs to be said, you'll see it here.  I might also drop some words on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Thanks for punching me up this year.  The countdown starts tomorrow.