Thursday, December 31, 2020

Top Ten: Sunrise

And, the time has come.  This is the number one photo in the 2020 Top Ten, and it's likely the one that received the most comments ever.

After all these years of bad photography, I can't believe I haven't seriously tackled a sunrise.  That changed in late July.

I parked in the lot of the old Dickson City KMart and pointed my camera east.  I experimented with several settings and a few different lenses.  I struck gold with the biggest zoom lens in my bag.  I popped it on the camera, focused, and the Waymart windmills appeared.  Imagine my glee as I clicked the shutter!

I shared the photo on a few social media platforms and received a great response.  Thank you!  It's one of the joys of getting up early.

Sunrises generally are a sign of optimism, so it's a good way to put 2020 to rest.

That's all for this year's countdown.  Thank you for clicking, and it's on to a new year.