Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Business Tuesday


A new supermarket opened in Moosic, and I finally had the time to take a look around.  It's huge.  It's bright. It has everything, including a large prepared food section.  I've never seen more rotisserie chickens in one place at one time.  I didn't think the prices, overall, were anything to write home about.

This is the third store to occupy the space.  You know you are old when you remember the first inhabitant, Arlan's.  The Moosic store opened in 1970.  It was a discount chain that eventually went out of business.  KMart grabbed several Arlan's locations-- including the one in Moosic.  The Moosic KMart closed a few years ago.  It really was painful to watch the store wither and die.  It became a neglected fluorescent tomb.  The parent company never invested in the place, and that's unfortunate.

Even though there is a very nice market less than a mile away, a mega store here in the plaza makes sense.  It's close to all those office buildings at Montage, and it's in a densely populated residential area.  The established chain down the street is known for its deli and bakery.  I'm sure it can stand up to the new competition.  Anecdotally, I hear people are still hitting the established store and that's a good thing.

Even though I can't list myself as a super fan, it's great to see activity in the plaza once again.