Thursday, January 21, 2021

Decoration Day


If I had my way, we wouldn't see a Christmas decoration before December 15th or after January 2nd.

I know this is the year without rules, and we all need something bright in our lives, but I've always felt Christmas decorations become less special the longer they are around.  I think I get some of that from the previous generation.  I remember the strings of outdoor lights with giant bulbs that burned hot and caused the electric meter to spin rapidly.  The indoor bulbs also burned on the warm side, and I'm surprised there weren't more Christmas tree fires back in the day.  Yes, kids, there was a time before LED's.

Speaking of elongated Christmas seasons, I bought stamps from an automated kiosk (by the way, one of the best inventions ever!) just before the holiday.  I bought a bunch because they last "forever" (another great idea) and it saves me from repeated trips to the post office.  Unfortunately, all the stamps have Christmas scenes, so if you get something from me in July, it's just my way of wishing you an early and a happy holiday season.