Tuesday, January 12, 2021



The Pittsburgh Steelers got their arses handed to them by the Cleveland Browns Sunday night, and I smiled.

I was a Steelers fan for years, and then, the team made a horribly poor choice in a backup quarterback. My days as a Steeler fan were done.

Writing a fair amount of sports stories for work forces me to keep an eye on what's going on, in all leagues, so here is a quick take on the Steelers.

The team just didn't show up Sunday night.  They weren't prepared.  It was sloppy play.  They have reversed the trend, but for a few recent years, the Steelers were in the top tier of most penalized teams in the league.  That shows a lack of discipline and inadequate preparation.  Bad coaching.

The Steelers started this season with eleven straight wins.  Many were squeakers against bad teams.  This is an over rated squad.  There is no running game and the offense is led by a quarterback who can't throw down the field.  The Steelers had a horrible time with back up quarterbacks last year.  They went in to the 2020 season with an aged and injury prone quarterback, and management did nothing in the last off season to beef up the bench strength.  Mason Rudolph is not the answer.

The Steelers are known for their consistency and it has been one of the league's more successful franchises.  However, a team is more than a won and lost record.  It's time for changes, and a lot of them.