Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Easy Street


Last week's blog entry on big, old goose down comforters kicked off a few in-person discussions.

We started talking about things you had as a kid because you were working class a and those same things are now considered upscale.

Families had those comforters because houses were big, old and drafty.  Heat was expensive.  A check on Amazon shows those comforters now cost more than $100, and some are more than $200.

You ate macaroni and cheese, and pierogis because they filling and cheap.  Now, they are considered gourmet items.  Bread crumbs and other fillers went in the meatloaf to stretch the food budget a little more.  The stuff we used to grow in our back yards is now considered organic.  Supermarkets now charge top dollar for that.  There was a time when processors couldn't give chicken wings away.

And we thought "working class" was tough?  Heck, we were trend setters.