Monday, February 8, 2021

Monday Scrapple


The "Cliff Hangers" game on "The Price is Right" is always great fun.

There is a great deal of satisfaction in moving that last shovel of snow.

Why are the owners and the Major League Baseball players' union always arguing?

I still don't get the whole GameStop thing, and it's frightening at how easily the system is manipulated.

Maybe some experts would carry more weight if they didn't say something different in every interview.

Ian Eagle just signed a big new contract with CBS.  Now, the network has insurance policy in case it can't come to an agreement with Jim Nantz.

They made 203 episodes of "Home Improvement."  The writers' outline for every episode is as follows:  Jill gets angry at Tim.  Kids get in to trouble.  Neighbor offers advice.

I feel a blog entry on advertising is in my near future, but I'll say this for now.  Planters Nuts is a fine product, but poorly advertised.  The same goes for Burger King.

San Diego could have had a Super Bowl every five years.  Why couldn't the city and the state figure out how to build a new stadium?

I never understood guacamole.

Dan Fouts was a darned fine NFL color commentator.  Why isn't he working?

Former Secretary of State George Schultz died.  100.  What a resume'!

John Sadak, former RailRiders guy, will do the Cincinnati Reds games this year.  Congratulations!

I was right on the Super Bowl, but who expected Tampa Bay to dominate the way they did?    Betting on the team with the better defense usually works for me.  It's not perfect.  There were other factors-- Tom Brady's skill, a home game for Tampa Bay, and Andy Reid's post season record is barely above .500.  Plus, I'm still not ready to hand the keys to the kingdom over to Patrick Mahomes.