Wednesday, February 17, 2021

New Read


I've started reading this, and I do admit I have mixed feelings on my purchase.  More on that in a moment.

The book is about Ira Rosen's adventures as a producer with CBS and ABC.  I already looked at some quotes and reviews.  Rosen doesn't hold back about the people who are in your homes every day and night.  Many of his encounters with some big names were not positive.  Big egos.  Small talent.  Rosen's philosophy is he'd rather worked with someone nasty, but with talent rather than a nice, but talent-less person.

Personally, I think you can be nice and talented, but those individuals.  Luckily a nice and smart guy has a blog you can read every day.  Stop laughing!

While tell-all books are fascinating, they are a little slimey.  Certain things are simply supposed to be private.

My feeling over this book is similar to how I felt when I read Henry Bushkin's book about his former boss Johnny Carson.  Johnny was long gone by the time the book was published.  All Bushkin did is tell some things that shouldn't have been told.  And yes, the book was very entertaining.

I'll give you my review of this one when I finish.