Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Sleep Tight


It sounds silly, but any time we get a cold snap, I think of my first boss in broadcasting, Ron Allen at WARM 590.  We lost Ron several years ago.  He was a great story teller, on and off the air.

Ron was fond of tales of a working class youth in Dickson City, and one that stuck with me involved cold winter nights under a thick down blanket or conforter.  The blanket had a Polish name, and it escapes me.  I Googled ""polish down blanket."  The names of the responses didn't ring a bell.  I'll keep looking.

Ron painted quite a word picture.  He was the master.

I keep my bedroom on the cool side, and I don't like sleeping under a ton of stuff, even though I did try a weighted blanket.  It works for some people.  It didn't work for me.

However, there is a certain romance to crawling under a stack of blankets and getting a lot of rest on a frigid night.  The howling wind adds to the experience.

I wish you could hear Ron tell the story.

Stay warm and keep the memories alive.