Friday, March 19, 2021


 I try not to get involved in too many GOAT, or Greatest of All Time, debates here, but an article in the Thursday New York Post jumped out at me.

The writer called NBC's Al Michaels "arguably the greatest play by player of all time."

Let's pump the brakes here.

Yes, I'll put Michaels on my short list.  Great pipes and a very listenable high energy delivery.  As for the greatest, I'm still going for Pat Summerall of CBS and FOX.  Great voice.  A spare style.  Most importantly, he knew how to set up his color commentator.  That's huge and so few people really do it well.


ON a related note, the NFL now has a new, 11 year deal with the TV networks.  Other than the rights fees doubling, not much is new.  There are two exceptions.  Amazon gets Thursday Night Football and ABC gets two Super Bowls.