Saturday, March 20, 2021



I understand why it happened.  It makes me sad, nonetheless.

By the time you're reading this, the old fire house behind the Olyphant Municipal Building is gone.  The fire company moved out months ago.  The building was too small and too old to suit its needs.  I get that.

The borough decided parking is more important than history, so the demolition crew came in the week of the 8th and went to work.  I'm sure the building could have been renovated for another use, but that costs money, and money is scarce these days.  Again, I get that.  Parking is at a premium, especially spaces designated for the handicapped.

I was lucky to get there the morning of the 10th, before it was all gone.  I read where members of the hose company are working to preserve some things from the building, and that made me happy.

Enjoy those parking spaces, and remember what was there in the past.