Monday, March 8, 2021

I Get to Vote!

 Yes, I get to vote in the May primary, sort of.

I'm an Independent, and because I am not a member of a party, I usually can't vote in primaries.  Pennsylvania has closed primaries, reserved for choosing party candidates for the November general election.  No party = no vote.  I've never been thrilled with the Pennsylvania system, but I do understand it.  Several states have open primaries.  They seem to work very nicely because it forces candidates to look beyond their base.  They have to entice the Independents to get elected.

There are exceptions to the Pennsylvania rules.  If there is a referendum on the May ballot, I can vote for that.  There is another exception.  Our friends at the Times~Tribune did an excellent story last week on the process that will choose a new state senator in the 22nd district.  The current occupant resigns today.  There is a special election to choose the successor, and I am eligible to vote.

I'll see you at the polls.