Saturday, April 24, 2021

Andy's Angles: Old and New


Scranton Counseling Center recently moved in to a renovated building in south Scranton.  I deliberately took this photo early in the morning.  I didn't want take a shot with a full parking lot to protect the privacy of clients.  I should add there is nothing wrong with seeking and receiving counseling.

It's the odd perfectionist in me.  I took the bottom photo with a smart phone.  I didn't like it and went back a couple of days later with a DSLR.  You might not notice the difference.  One of the things that keeps me going as a novice, amateur and mediocre photographer is that voice in my head that says "You can do better."

As you know, I love new uses for old buildings and this one will bring a lot of life to a neglected neighborhood.  There is plenty of history here.  If you bought a Beatles record in the 60's, it likely came from this block.

It's a huge building and other tenants are sure to follow.