Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Business Tuesday


USA Today reported last week that there is now a surplus supply of hand sanitizer.  The big companies ramped up production last year, and some new manufacturers got in to the game.  I'm not a hoarder, but if I see a bottle at the dollar store, it usually winds up in my basket.  The gel is fine, but I have to admit that I've become fond of the liquids.  My hands feel cleaner.

Having said that, it's still a major treat when you can score a can of spray disinfectant and a cannister of wipes.  We are more than a year in to this, and I'm surprised these items are still at a premium.

Multiple agencies reported last week that there is now a shortage of Heinz ketchup packets.  Bottles are out.  Take out is in.  All those packets tossed in the bag add up, and supply can't keep up with demand.  Heinz is working on it.  Packet cost is up about 13 per cent.

I haven't eaten inside a fast food restaurant in a year, but one of the greatest inventions ever is the jug o' ketchup pump with the little cups.  I'm not a huge ketchup guy.  There are times I like my fries plain.  It's nice to have the efficent ketchup delivery option.

I mentioned check writing in a recent entry.  I wrote my first of the year back on April 2, the latest ever.  Well, the government should be happy.  My taxes are done and the checks are in the mail.

It appears telemarketing is a major growth industry here in the USA and overseas.  My phones ring several times a day, and I've had enough.

McDonald's is closing most of its restaurants inside Walmart.  There is less foot traffic because more people are shopping on-line, so McDonald's isn't making money here.  I'm not opposed to the concept, but I've never eaten inside a Walmart.