Monday, April 19, 2021

Media Monday


I use this space to bash radio on a fairly regular basis, namely the lack of "live and local."  I do have to give credit to WIBC in Indianapolis.  There was a mass shooting late Thursday night.  The station provided live updates all night long.  Friends, that's what radio is all about, or at least it should be.  By the way, the WIBC web site was also regularly updated.  I have to add that when the updates were over, WIBC went back to the syndicated show with the silly man talking about Martians.

ABC and CBS both have new news division leaders.  I've always said the major CBS problem is weak local affiliates in a lot of places.  They provide a horrible lead-in to the morning and evening news.  A news division president can't change that.  The new ABC News president has to keep the momentum going-- number one in the morning and the evening.  The streaming service needs a higher profile.

"Jeopardy!" still hasn't decided on a new host.  You may be surprised to learn that I, a game show fan, have no strong feelings on this.  The show airs when I'm asleep, so I rarely watch. That doesn't diminish my respect for the series.  I read yesterday where Joe Buck of FOX Sports is getting a turn.  We have a winner!  I think he'd be great temporarily and permanently.

WNEP alum Brittany Boyer is now working at WPVI in Philadelphia, a good person working for a good station.

WNEP alum Michelle Rotella is now with Accu-Weather, a good person working for a good organization.

"48 Hours" popped up on one of the cable channels over the weekend.  I hadn't seen it in years and i forgot what a fun and entertaining movie it is.