Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Is It Too Much to Ask?


I don't go anywhere.

My trips are limited to work, the supermarket, and the mini mart on $1 Texas Weiner day.  I can go two weeks, maybe even a little more, between fill ups.

I think I'm like most Americans-- I have a few gas station branded credit cards that get you a few cents off a gallon.  Over the course of a year, it probably saves me enough to buy a peppermint pattie (small, generic brand).

Is it too much to ask gas station operators to maintain their pumps so they spit out a receipt the way it should.  Very few function the right way.  It means walking in to the store to get one from the clerk, and being forced to wait behind a line of people looking to pick up their Cash 5 tickets.  Or, you can just skip it, and write it down when you get home.

You see, I'm a fanatic about credit card receipts, and even clerks these days assume you don't want one.  They rarely ask.  Hey, I want mine!

I've done too many stories on skimmers at pumps, fraud and identity theft.  Retailers could help fight crime by getting their equipment working the right way.