Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Salt of the Earth


I despise snobbery of any type, and there is a big example in the culinary world.

I have a salt shaker, even though I rarely use it.  I get far more than my recommended daily intake in prepared foods, and I know that's wrong.  Apologies to my doctor.

It seems plain old table salt is now frowned upon.  It's good enough for me-- even with its anti clumping chemical agents and added iodine.

An Amazon search turns up sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, flaked salt, smoked salt, bamboo salt, Celtic salt, and black salt.  Cooks seem to favor Kosher salt.  There are no additives.  I side with the late, great Julia Child.  She didn't like Kosher salt's big crystals because they didn't dissolve easily.

The bottom line is that, in a recipe, it's hard to tell the difference, maybe impossible.

Give me the cheap stuff.