Monday, May 24, 2021

The New Faces of Justice


I started working in professional/commercial radio in 1981, and I started going out on the road as a news reporter early in 1982.

One of my WARM 590 co-workers back in the day was the legendary Guy Randall.  Let me tell you about Guy.  No one knew Luzerne County better.  His roots were in the Hazleton area, if memory serves, but he spent his career in and around Wilkes-Barre.

One afternoon, Guy, the grizzled veteran, and me, the snotty young pup, were having a conversation in the WARM newsroom.  I confessed that I had trouble telling the Luzerne County judges apart because they were all little, grey haired, old men.  The only one I could instantly recognize was bald.  I irritated Guy.  He just couldn't understand my confusion.  I should add the judges of that era were all well liked and respected.

Fast forward forty years, and the days of the little old men, all fine jurists, are gone.  Three women are going for the two available on seats on the bench this fall-- Salavantis, Toohill, and Kravitz.  One man and one woman finished out of the money on election night:  Jim Bobeck and Laura Dennis.  As I wrote here Wednesday, the people of Luzerne County are the real winners.  All five have the makings of great judges.

It's the changing of the guard.  Men and women.  Fresh, new faces and names.

I think I can tell them apart now.