Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Mystery Snacks


It wasn't me.

I walked in to work at 2 am Tuesday, and looked down in to the waste paper basket near my desk.  In it was an empty bag of Funyuns.  You know what they are.  According to the label, they are an onion "flavored" snack.  You know what that means.  If something is followed by the word "flavored," you can translate that in to there was no real onions in sight.

I've been on this planet a long, long time, and I have never seen someone eat a Funyun.  Perhaps, I'm here in the building at the wrong time.

The same goes for Bugles.  It's a roasted corn "flavored" snack that comes in the shape of a tiny cone.  I've made many a trip down the snack aisle of supermarkets and discount stores.  Bugles now come in many different varieties.  Yet, I've never someone eat one.

While we are in the snack mode today, a friend and I were recently discussing Pringles.  We like them, but because they are not a traditional potato chip, they are disrespected in the consumer and snack food world.  Pringles have been around for a long time.  They are molded from a potato flake mash, and it's become something you don't readily admit that you like.

No matter how you look at it, they are all salt delivery devices.  Bad for you but oh so good.