Thursday, June 24, 2021

Now My Empty Cup Tastes As Sweet As the Punch


I had to go for blood work on a recent morning.   Fear not.  It's routine, part of a long overdue check up.

Picture perfect.  I fasted.  I avoided my morning diet cola, which was much more difficult than it sounds.

The lab opened at 6:30 AM, and I was first in line.

So far, so good.

Paperwork was done in a flash.

I got poked, the blood flowed in to the tube.  That is also more difficult than it sounds.  I have tiny, girly veins and giving blood, even a vial, can be an adventure.

After a sigh of relief with the completion of the blood part, I was handed a urine specimin cup.

Huh?  I must have missed that part on the paperwork from the doctor that I produced for the people at the lab.  I went before I left the house!  The tank was on E.  The well was dry.  Sahara.  Gobi.  Mojave.  Death Valley.  Dust Bowl.

The people at the lab were cool.  I was told to take the cup home.  Fill it when I feel the urge, and bring it back.  If I couldn't make the return trip quickly, keep it in the refrigerator until it was convenient to come back.

Luckily, I chose a lab just two miles from home, so returning with the magic cargo was not a big deal.

Moral of the story?  Always read the fine print,  and stay hydrated.