Tuesday, July 20, 2021

If It Makes You Happy


As difficult as it is to believe, some things actually made me happy this week.

The first happened on the bridge you see above.  It closed for one last night week for a dinner party/  The bridge between Pittston and Pittston became one large dining room.  City officials say the bridge will likely be closed to traffic in the next several years, it might become a biking/pedestrian walkway.  Dinner on the bridge night showed it could work.

Downstream, it was the first "Rockin' the River" concert along the Susquehanna at Wilkes-Barre.  The improvements along the river are outstanding, and this was a great use.  It would be nice to see more.

The annual St. Ann's Novena opened in Scranton on the 17th.  While there are still anti virus precautions in place, the novena almost looked back to normal.  Nice crowds.  Nice people, and it was always something I enjoyed covering.

I saw the events from a distance, from the newsroom.  It still made me happy.  People are getting out, having fun, appreciating the area.  It would have put a smile on myself even in normal times.