Thursday, July 15, 2021



A couple of stories on Newswatch 16 jumped out at me this weekend.  Both dealt with potatoes.

The first took place Friday in Shenandoah.  People were lining up at a block party for bleenies.  I looked it up and consulted several sources.  A bleenie is just another word for a potato pancake.  The people in Shenandoah swear they are the best and I couldn't find how they are doing anything different.

The second was Saturday in Duryea.  The most popular stand at a Nativity of Our Lord church picnic on Stephenson Street was the one that sold potato pancakes.

First, here's a great idea for some community around here.  Hold a potato festival.  It's a versatile vegetable.  A celebration of the potato would be a great hook.  We already have kielbasa and pierogi fests.  A potato festival is a natural fit.

Second, what's the fascination with potato pancakes?  Yes, I do like them on occasion.  Not often.  The grease factor is a major turn off.

They don't seem all that difficult to make, but here's why I think people line up for them.  They don't want to clean up all the grease splatters from the frying process.   No matter how careful you are, you are going to have a messy stove after a close encounter of the bleenie kind.

Leave it to the frying experts at the carnivals and picnics.  Have your potato pancakes.  Support your local churches and fire departments.

And, let's get that potato festival moving soon.